Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wish List

Thank you to those who have donated items from our class wish list. There are still a few items we would like. Remember, for every $10 spent, you receive 1 volunteer hour.
1. personal cd player (x3)
2. mechanical pencil refills (1.3mm #2 lead)
3. vinyl bean bag
4. jump ropes (x4)
5. clipboards for student use during work on writing
6. mouse pads (x3)
7. colorful dry erase markers (bright colors)
8. gallon size ziploc bags
9. plastic lap desks for use during work on writing
In order to earn hours, include your receipt (labeled with your child's name and grade) with the item. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Unit 1: High Frequency Words and Phonics Skills

Make flashcards and practice reading the high frequency words every day!
High Frequency Words:
a, with, up yes, come, that, now, has, jump, it, run, on, use, for, the, to, over, good, very, have, not, down, ride, be, help

Phonics Skills:
-at, -an, -ad, -ap, -ack, -in, -it, -iss, cr-, gr-, tr-, -nd, -st, -nt, -nk
Sample words: sat, cat, mat, hat, man, can, ran, tan, lap, tap, nap, dad, sad, bad, tack, back, sack, kit, hit, sit, pin, bin, win, hiss, miss, kiss, crab, crib, grab, grass, trap, trip, sand, hand, land, vest, fast, west, ant, sink

Please remember these sample words are not to be memorized. They will NOT appear on the phonics assessments. Students will assessed on their ability to apply these phonics skills when reading and spelling words. You are welcome to use these words as practice by having your child read and spell them, but please add additional words that follow the same patterns.

Assessment Dates:
High Frequency Word Assessment - October 4th
Phonics Skills Assessments - September 20th and October 11th

A hard copy of the high frequency words and phonics patterns will be coming home tomorrow along with the September reading log.