Monday, October 7, 2013

Unit 2: High Frequency Words and Phonics Patterns

Thank you for working with your child to reinforce the skills and concepts.

Unit 2 High Frequency Words:
one, two, three, live, away, out, why, her, want, they, put, does, show, who, under, some, of, make, no, today, eat, way, into, school, many, late

Phonics Patterns:
Unit 2 Week 1 - short o - on, fog, nod, hog, fox, not, top, pond, rob, mop, got, box
Unit 2 Week 2 - short e - led, test, tell, fed, bed, peg, bend, fell, pen, ten, yet
Unit 2 Week 3 - digraphs /th/ & /sh/ - shop, path, crash, wish, thank, thick, thin, math, path, dash, shed
Unit 2 Week 4 - short u - up, pup, us, bus, bug, dug, fun, run, but, cut, mud, rub
Unit 2 Week 5 - l blends - black, blob, blank, glad, flip, flat, plan, slot, cluck, clam, slant, club

Students are expected to apply the phonics patterns in reading and spelling.

Assessment Dates:
October 25th - Phonics Patterns for weeks 1-3
October 30th - English Language Arts Unit 2 Assessment 1 (This assessment involves reading a short 3 page story independently. Then, answering multiple choice questions about the story. Finally, writing a written response to a question about the story.)
November 8th - High Frequency Word Assessment
November 14th - English Language Arts Unit 2 Assessment 2
November 15th - Phonics Patterns for weeks 4-5